Bespoke Service & Corporate Customization
For clients that require increased personalization, Sunrise Bags’s Corporate Customization Service offers clients the choice of branding their orders by adding logos through modern printing techniques. Our service is typically used for trade shows, corporate gifts, promotional gifts and brand re enforcement. Some of our previous clients include: Netto, Dartmart, Hooty's and Priceless Shoes.
The following printing services are available to clients who have more than 200 pieces to process:

Digital Transfer Print
Screen Print
Cut Vinyl
Foil Blocking
Should you require your own hardware to be marketed using our service, please contact us for further information.
Some of the examples of bespoke services include:
Some Branding/Logo’s on Umbrellas
Branding/ Logo’s on Wallets and purses
Branding/ Logo’s on Business organizers
Branding/ Logo’s on all bag types
Customization of bags to suite the needs of your company
Custom Manufacturing Service
Although there is a vast amount of bags available to distributors and clients in the UK, the need to remain unique is the driving force behind the design and ordering of our bespoke manufacturing service. Our trained staff can help provide an extension to your own design house or totally undertake work based on any ideas you have and help produce a cost effective, unique item to distinguish you from the rest. Please note, this design service is only open to clients with a minimum 1000 pieces.
If you would like to discuss your customized requirements with an advisor, please call our sales team: +44 845 0943040 or alternatively email